Heaven and Earth

Saturday morning is my favourite time of the week. My body hasn’t yet realised it’s the weekend so I am awake at 6am and waiting for the world to light up. By 6.30 I’ve decided to replace what would have been a morning run with a cycle around the city. So quiet outside and the light is golden but thin. I find my helmet in the living room, hidden behind some books still in a box and I find a pair of gloves right next to it. I take both and head out the door.

I take the lock off the bike and put it in my bag but half way out of the car park I realise that my right hand is colder than my left. I look down and I’m only wearing one glove. I retrace my steps and can’t find it so I put my second pair on and leave the rest to confusion. I’ll worry about it later.

I head out towards Bristol Temple Meads so I can time the journey. I spend the next nine minutes cycling through Millenium Square, over Pero’s Bridge and through Queen Square.

I saw the sun shine golden behind St Mary’s Redcliffe, and icy frost on the Bridge past the Welsh Back.

I hadn’t realised that the road leading up to the entrance of the station had such an incline (tiny probably!) and when I walked through the station and towards the exit on the left my legs felt like they’d been doing some exercise.

Back towards the harbour and I circled Queen Square before cycling towards the water. There was no one around Hotwells apart from some rowers who were putting in a lot of effort for that time of the morning and a couple of women who looked like runners but were walking on this leg of their journey.

By the time I got home an hour had gone by and my little glove was lying next to the bike stand. I must have been so excited to be out and about that I hadn’t waited to put it on. Intriguing but unsurprising. I couldn’t go out running so cycling was a second choice but in retrospect and as Ben Taylor sings “as luck would have it, it just so happens there’s nothing I’d rather do”.

I had my breakfast looking out towards the Bristol Cathedral and trying to think of something fun to do for lunch since it’s looking like a beautiful day. Tonight’s dinner will be at the surprise pop-up restaurant in Daydream Kitchen’s living room. So many hours to fill between breakfast and dinner however.

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