Blood Red Shoes: rocking Thekla

Dark. Balcony. Sticky floor. The upstairs part of the Thekla main room has a great view but does have some disadvantages. The sticky floor is utterly icky and I’m sure my shoes still smell of beer. Nevertheless, it was a quiet little haven in a hall that was full and brimming downstairs. All of us there were anxious to see the main event and they did not disappoint.

Blood Red Shoes (@bloodredshoes) played the Thekla on March 4 and were supported by Underground Railroad. The support act included one girl on electric guitar, one drummer and one more guitarist / other.

Blood Red Shoes had two-thirds of the same composition. They didn’t have the ‘other’ but Laura-Mary Carter was on guitar and Steven Ansell on the drums. No red shoes in sight.

There was a curious little game played by one of the Thekla crew whose job for most of the set appeared to be to hold on to the guitar lead and roll up and away from the girl’s feet lest she trip. It was somewhat mesmerising although I should say that it wasn’t all he did. The sound guys put a lot more effort into making sure everything worked well than the O2 team put into the event the night previously. There was no feedback at this event and one of the guys rushed on to stage to adjust a microphone for the drum of the support act although the effect was only a subtle improvement.

A lot of effort was put into event by the venue and the bands. The music was loud and it rocked while the banter by the Blood Red Shoes lead singer was brief and friendly. With their new album ‘Fire Like This’ released March 1 in the UK they were enjoying some success exemplified by the handful of devoted fans who already knew the words. A whole host of musical pushing and shoving took off with the heavier songs and wave of people kept crashing into the stage. Upstairs in the balcony it all felt a little removed until the Thekla started swaying a little more than usual. By the end of the night even the music hall had got into the action and it was a hell of a show.

P.S. Pictures lovingly taken, and helpfully provided, by my friend Alli (do check out her Flickr). Gentlest telling off about the Passion Pit review by fellow attendee Paul, quietly noted. Blood Red Shoes also playing at Dot to Dot festival. Insane review in the Evening Post gives Blood Red Shoes the same score as Passion Pit. Ha!

5 responses to “Blood Red Shoes: rocking Thekla”

  1. Paul Pritchard Avatar
    Paul Pritchard

    Beer permeates the balcony, somehow some was spilt on my jacket despite being draped over the side all evening, and not being near any, unless it was Alli! Mysterious and mysteriouser! Good review this time Jo, your expectation level was obviously a lot lower than the night before! 🙂 x

  2. The beer wasnt me Paul, was the guys next to me who manged to also drenched my bag in the stuff!

    Thanks for the use of my photos Jo x

  3. I swear that I could still smell beer today. Thank you lovely people. Paul, I had no expectations! Thanks for the photos Alli! x

  4. […] Blood Red Shoes gig (Academy): a guy submitted to the band’s encouragement to crowd surf. A slow shaky start saw him fall after passing by three people. […]

  5. […] Blood Red Shoes gig (Academy): a guy submitted to the band’s encouragement to crowd surf. A slow shaky start saw him fall after passing by three people. […]

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