Bristol turned out for the second leaders’ debate

Bristol residents turned out to the harbourside location of the Millennium Square to watch the live broadcast of the second election debate. The party leaders Gordon Brown (Labour), David Cameron (Conservatives) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) took part in a pre-election debate at the Arnolfini art gallery just across the floating harbour from where the debate was shown live. The general election is taking place on May 6 and there is one last debate that will take place on Saturday 24 April.

The issues covered in tonight’s debate were of a more international theme with topics such as immigration, the EU, Afghanistan and Trident. A large police presence in the city centre surrounded the harbour along the Narrow Quay and the Bordeaux Quay. The Bristol Stop the War coalition protested with banners that carried messages about Palestine and removing Israel from Gaza. Once the debate began there were a couple of hundred people that congregated to watch the live broadcast. The evening was completed with a visual display on the walls of the Arnolfini.

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