Hole in the Wall, renovations

The Hole in the Wall is a traditional pub set near the dockside of Bristol. It is right on the corner of Queens Square, just off the Centre, and is a short walk from Redland, Clifton and Kingsdown.

I passed by yesterday on the way home and instead of seeing a gaggle of businessmen (and women) loitering out front, there was only quiet and a blackboard.


The writing on the board says:

We are closed whilst we make our pub better and brighter!

Join us four (sic) our re-opening party on Thursday 13th May from 6pm and see the changes with champagne and canapes…

The pub offers both food and drink, including real ales, although I have only ever sat outside with a Corona while enjoying the sun.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try the champagne. See you there.

2 The Grove, Queens Square, Bristol, BS1 4QZTel: 0117 926 5967

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