Discovering Harbourside: A Journey to the Heart of Bristol

Stanfords is a map and travel bookshop located on Corn St, Bristol. Their motto of explore, discover, inspire sometimes translates to talks and other events which are quite worth looking out for. This Wednesday, June 9, the author James Russell and photographer Stephen Morris will lead a walk around the Bristol docks followed by wine and a book signing at the bookshop.

Their book ‘Discovering Harbourside: A Journey to the Heart of Bristol’ was published in January 2010.

‘Discovering Harbourside’ is meant to be more a guide book for time-travellers than a conventional history. Starting with a re-enactment of John Cabot’s return to Bristol from Newfoundland in 1497, it brings Bristol’s port to life in new and entertaining ways, encouraging readers to look at the city around them and imagine moments, scenes and characters from the city’s past.

The walk will start and finish at Stanfords and last approximately one hour. James and Stephen will be happy to answer any questions over a glass or two of wine in the shop afterwards.

£5 including a glass of wine or fruit juice. Tickets should be purchased in advance from Stanfords, Bristol; tel: 0117 929 9966; email:

UPDATE: Tickets are sold out but contact the shop in case of a waiting list.


2 responses to “Discovering Harbourside: A Journey to the Heart of Bristol

  1. nice shot. i like the compostition with the break in the pavement bootom right, tree popping up at the top, and the two bods walking off as the sun pokes through clouds… very dramatic

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