Impact of Light, an exhibition

A lace curtain blows to one side in front of a window, a half-full glass of orange juice sits on the ledge. This is a scene that the Impact of Light Exhibition hopes will transform the way people look at, and think about, stained glass.

Since June 9th, various pieces have been on display at the Beechcroft Space which is housed within the large commercial law firm Beechcroft LPC. The location of the display is at Portwall Place, Portwall Lane, almost opposite the St Mary of Redcliffe Church and two crossings before Redcliffe Bridge.

I pass the building on the way back home and yesterday I took a moment to investigate what the new art works were doing in the windows of this large building. The exhibition has been set up by a group of glass artists who are also maintaining a blog about the work. As they say: ‘if you thought that stained glass was only for church windows, prepare to be amazed’.

I found it pleasant and the stained glass was curious and pretty enough to make me pause. The glass is visible at all times from the Brunel Mile, a walkway, which runs from Temple Meads Station to the SS Great Britain. It provides for an intriguing addition to a casual stroll towards the Welsh Back or the Bristol Temple Meads station. Whichever way you’re going, it’s just off to the side.

Impact of Light Exhibition, Wednesday 9th June to Tuesday 24th August 2010, Beachcroft Space, Portwall Place, Portwall Lane, Bristol

2 responses to “Impact of Light, an exhibition”

  1. That’s very nice and very modern. With stained glass I tend to think cathedrals, but this is simply a work of art, a modern one!

    1. Hi Judith! 🙂 I love the curtains on the window and the orange juice. Surprising and beautiful art, I agree.

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