Food Court, the Mall in Bristol

When I last wrote about wandering around Bristol city centre in pursuit of some food, the food court at the Mall, didn’t even cross my mind. However, the Galleries, as the Mall was known then, was the first place I dined alone and went exploring. I was staying at the Travelodge at the Haymarket and ventured out for a jacket potato with cottage cheese and chives from Fat Jackets. It wad nice and you probably can’t go too wrong with a potato.

There are currently six food outlets although I think it was down to three for a while when the oriental food stand shut down.

Currently there is Cafe Roma, proudly sponsored by Nescafe. There is a Subway franchise, the Fat Jackets place is still there and for £2.99 you can try their summer special of tuna and mixed beans. The oriental food is divided between two outlets: Noodles and Rice. The rice displays are all covered up and a sign suggests that everything is cooked from fresh. The last food place is Burger King where a Shopper value meal will cost you £4.29 for a burger, French fries and soft drink of your choice.

At 11.51 on a Tuesday the courtyard had an assortment of patrons who were mostly white haired and nursing a mug of something from the cafe. If it was a latte it will have cost them £1.40. The noodle or rice dishes are around £5. Not somewhere I have dined for a few years but I am intrigued by the noodle dishes. Some other day.

Offers: Discounts are available at Burger King, Subway and Fat Jackes with a free ‘Reward Me’ card from the Mall.

The Mall Bristol, 25 Union Gallery, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3XD. 0117 929 0569

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