TEDx Bristol: Bloom and Curll bookshop

A hand written sign announces: TEDx Bristol on June 30. If you want to present something then you are encouraged to get in touch. The piece of paper, with the pencilled scrawl, is stuck up on the window of Bloom and Curll, an independent book store at 74 Colston St. Its location is right in the middle of the Arts Quarter just up and past the Christmas Steps. People seem to love it with its crammed shelves and constant activity: writing clubs, chess games, early closing, late openings and a myriad other ‘independent’ activities. It does seem friendly but the lack of space brings up my claustrophobia before I even step in.

For those curious enough to visit there is now an ever better reason to venture in to the crowded area. On Wednesday, June 30, the book store will be holding a TEDx event which is an independent TED-like event. TED is an organisation that promotes itself with the tag line ‘ideas worth spreading’. Presenters have included Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Gilbert, Richard Dawkins and Malcolm Gladwell. There are also thousands more on the website and they also include transcripts.

When I last attended a TEDx event it was in the magnificent building of the European Parliament in Brussels. That experience was one I would happily repeat although it may not be faithfully replicated on Colston St. You also have the opportunity to take part so if you want to present something get in touch or just go along to watch.

Bloom and Curll Bookshop. 74 Colston St, Bristol. BS1 5BB, bloomandcurll@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. […] Bristol just last year, at an independent book store Bloom and Curll, on Colston St, with a only a hand-written sign announcing the prestigious event. TEDx was also featured as part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas […]

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