Churros: A quest for sweetness

Three sets of churros, one taste test (by me) and the results are not exactly a surprise but they do leave a lot of potential for future exploration.

The first taste was in Spain: almost a year ago now, I spent my first morning in Barcelona trying to find some chocolate con churros, fried donuts in a long star shaped form served with hot chocolate of varying thickness. I found some at the Boqueria market just off the touristy Ramblas and the choice was a lovely and sweet treat that accompanied my strong black Spanish coffee.

The second set of churros were found in Bristol just by the Welsh Back. The kiosk that serves them has been there for a while but it was the first time I had bought anything. The blackboard outside looked tempting but the churros were not nice to say the least. The freshly fried donuts were tasteless and stodgy. I chose to have them with cinnamon sugar rather than chocolate and I received four or five. I only managed two, with some effort, and since no one else wanted any, I threw the rest out. I was impressed by how bland they had managed to make them and can’t imagine wanting to try them again. The location was ideal but a big failure on the production.

The sugar choice was a bit of a nostalgic reminder of the churros my sister and I grew up with in Melbourne, Australia. The third mention is really the first one of the tastes and we used to share the freshly sugar powdered Spanish donuts, as they were called, every Sunday from a caravan at the top of Shed B at Queen Victoria Market. They were served in white paper bags and doused in icing sugar. The sugar would spread with the heat and leave them almost iced.

Feeling a little reckless and homesick, I propose that the Australian ‘Spanish’ donuts were the best of the three. I am happy to admit my overwhelming bias however since my childhood memories are wrapped up with the memory of the flavours. I won’t try the Welsh Back ones again but there is a café on Whiteladies Rd that sells them so I may have to visit there soon. A few more tastes of ones in Spain could extend the argument a little further as well.

Future tastings at: Ocean Cafe, 185 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 946 9825

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