The Ramana Trust, collecting in Bristol

I was stopped on the way home by Anya from the Ramana Trust who offered me a fairy cake in exchange for a donation. I handed over 62p and asked for what purpose she was collecting.

The Ramana Trust promotes a program of self awareness and the next goal is to help spread its influence into schools as well. They say they are an organisation promoting positive change in both individuals and society. They work to raise people’s awareness of themselves, helping people to become aware of their positive attributes and realise their innate potential. There is a seven step program based on the attributes: consciousness, energy, spiritual, intuition, emotion, intellect and physical.

The Trust is not a charity but a private limited company registered February 2009 with Companies House. The Lancashire based Trust are in Bristol for two days spreading awareness and raising money.

Anya collecting for the Trust outside, and behind, the Watershed.


One response to “The Ramana Trust, collecting in Bristol

  1. I was involved in The Ramana Trust for a year and it is seriously dodgy. It ticks all the boxes on The Cult Information Centre website.

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