Krispy Kreme in Bristol

My one disappointment so far this summer was to keep missing out on the Krispy Kreme promotions around Bristol. I’ve been reading Twitter and Facebook messages about boxes given away at the College Green and at Cabot Circus. Unfortunately, I would either be too far away or they would have just finished. One day I walked by the Sixth Form Academy on Anchor Rd and saw, through the window, a girl open a box of 16 glazed doughnuts. So close.

Over 5000 doughnuts have been distributed in Bristol in promotion of the new stores but nothing for me yet. I have consoled myself with the thought that there will soon be two permanent locations where Krispy Kreme donuts will be sold. The first is at Avonmeads which opens on the 20th of July and the other in Cabot Circus towards the end of August. Approximately 70 jobs have been created with the two new sites and there is also a promotion where boxes of doughnuts are sold at a lower cost to fundraisers who can then sell them on for a profit for their charity of choice.

Doughnut varieties such as original glazed, caramel dreamcake, chocolate iced custard filled and cinnamon apple filled will be available to buy for the first time in Bristol. I’m quite excited about it.


2 responses to “Krispy Kreme in Bristol

  1. Paul Pritchard

    Heart attack in a box!

  2. I know, in a good way!

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