No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain

If you have not seen any of Anthony Bourdain’s tv shows than I highly recommend you view this one. No Reservations is a food show but based around travelling and the chef and author presenter travels the world to show us some of the most interesting dishes. The episode which I’m writing about is called Food Porn and has Bourdain visiting some of his favourite dishes around the world and equating the food to lots of pleasure.

The two-part episode, first aired on February 9 2009, features some of New York’s great chefs, like Daniel Boulud, Michael White, Cesare Casella, as well as former NYT critic Frank Bruni.

Seafood has a huge presence with mussels, cockles and razor clams enjoyed at “Espinaler” near Barcelona, while Sukibayashi Jiro is visited for some of the very best sushi available on the planet made by Jiro-san.

Dishes featured on the show range from crispy pork skin tacos, steaming pho, hot, drippy cheese based dishes, serious chocolate and of course, a pig feast.

In the UK No Reservations is on the Sky Discovery Shed Channel (242)

See Anthony Bourdain’s blog about this episode.

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