Source at St Nicholas Market, Breakfast

Source at St Nicholas Market celebrated its first year anniversary last weekend and while I’ve enjoyed many selections from their deli section, I had yet to try more than just coffee as part of their restaurant. On a quiet but warm Saturday morning I headed to St Nick’s for a quick continental breakfast with my friend Graeme. Our breakfast selection ranged from cooked dishes such as haddock and poached eggs to more prompt servings of toast and jam.

We both chose croissants and jam. They were served warm and the strawberry jam was in a little bowl alongside. The croissants were slightly flaky, buttery and delicious. They were more ‘patisserie’ than ‘supermarket’ that’s for sure.

Graeme chose a Lahloo green tea as an accompaniment to his pastry and I chose a decaf Americano. The green tea was served as a pot of hot water and a little filter of tea leaves which were placed inside. The Americano was lovely and slightly bitter just like proper coffee. It was the best decaf coffee I’d had in a while and it was served with a little pot of milk (which I didn’t touch).

Breakfast was served at the tables outside and it was a great way to start the day and the weekend.

See excellent food review of Source by Mark Taylor in the Bristol Evening Post.

1-3 Exchange Avenue, St. Nicholas Market, Bristol, BS1 1JP

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