Cheltenham Literature Festival: Derren Brown

I recently wrote about some star appearances at the Cheltenham Literature festival and now there are three more additions. Derren Brown, Simon Pegg and Maureen Lipman have all confirmed their appearances and their tickets are sure to sell out very quickly.

Derren Brown, 9 October, 8.30-9.30pm.
The conjuror and illusionist extraordinaire presents his brilliant and hilarious Confessions of a Conjuror. Find out how his weird and wonderful mind works as he discusses his obsession with magic and the amazing journey that is his life so far.
Demand is meant to be high- Tickets are £13.

Simon Pegg, 17 October, 7.45-8.45pm

Actor Simon Pegg joins the Festival to discuss his brand-new autobiography, Nerd Do Well, a joyous tale of a home-grown superstar (from Gloucestershire) and a local boy made good.
Tickets are £17

Maureen Lipman, 17 October, 4-5pm
Actress, author and Festival favourite Maureen Lipman returns to Cheltenham to present a one-woman show featuring monologues and sharply-observed episodes from I Must Collect Myself, her new book.
Tickets are £7.

PS I have already booked tickets for Derren Brown so if you’re going I’ll see you there.

2 responses to “Cheltenham Literature Festival: Derren Brown”

  1. It’s a bit far to travel for me but I do like Maureen Lipmann, would love to go and see her. Have fun with Derren Brown (whom I have not heard of).

    1. Oh I must write about Derren Brown then soon, I have seen him live three times so far and he is amazing.

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