Nick Bridge: The Million Extra Steps

In October 2010 Nick Bridge will be 50 and to celebrate this occasion he will be taking a million extra footsteps in aid of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood.

He has already completed over 600,000 steps and ‘just’ has to walk across England from coast to coast starting on the 11th September, to finish his million extra steps on time.

200 miles in 14 days from St Bees on the Irish Sea to Robins Hood Bay on the North Sea.

A quotation found on his website is apt not only for his walk but as handy motivation for all:

“One should always have a definite objective, in a walk as in life – it is so much more satisfying to reach a target by personal effort than to wander aimlessly….life without ambition is…well, aimless wandering.” – Alfred Wainwright

You can help him to help thousands of women who die of pregnancy related complications every year. Click on the following link to sponsor his footsteps:

To follow his progress you can register your details with his Facebook or Twitter sites.

Every minute of every day, a woman dies of pregnancy related complications, totaling more than 500,000 women each year. In sub-Saharan Africa the chances of dying in pregnancy or childbirth can be as high as 1 in 8, compared with just 1 in 8,000 in western Europe.

The White Ribbon Alliance is trying to change this.

For more information on maternal mortality across the world see BBC Newsnight’s report here or view Lyse Doucet’s award winning film from Badakshan, Northern Afghanistan

Total Completed Footsteps 634,862 – 63% towards the million.

Total raised so far £1190.


One response to “Nick Bridge: The Million Extra Steps

  1. a great challenge. love that quote by the why – nice one 🙂

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