Southville Deli, Bedminster

Southville Deli, Bedminster

I had brunch at Souk Kitchen last Saturday and the service was so slow that I thought it would be better to go elsewhere for dessert. I hadn’t been in the Southville Deli before but it was across the street and looked lovely and bright and the tables outside looked comfortable and continental enough to be interesting.

I was thinking about getting a cake and having some coffee and I spotted some exquisite looking cupcakes at the counter. I took a look around the shop before ordering and noticed some Pukka teas which I hadn’t seen before. There was a whole row of them. Then I looked down and there was another row. I looked up and only then realised that the whole row of shelves from top to bottom were full of boxes of tea and some to the right as well. It was heaven. There were so many decaffeinated ones that I couldn’t choose between them and ended up buying seven boxes. There were Big Chill teas and Pukka, Ayurvedic and Yerba Mate and rooibos with vanilla. It was amazing.

I also bought two red velvet cupcakes which had cheesecake icing. They were the most delicious cupcakes I have had in a while, very moist and wonderful with the distinctive red colour and buttermilk addition.

There were many more things in the deli which were surprisingly affordable since the latest delis I have visited have been Papadeli and Arch House Deli. The latter two are distinctly magical but not always affordable since many products are imported. In the Southville Deli there were organic eggs from a farm at £1.89 which are cheaper or at least comparable to other places.  I remember the eggs because I chose not to buy any and then bought some today for £2.09 from Sainsburys. I was too blinded by the teas to remember any other products and will go back for more and cupcakes and maybe I’ll browse a little wider.

p.s. my favourite so far has been the Pukka Herbal Chai, soon to be renamed vanilla chai. Blissful.

262 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1JA Telephone 0117 966 4507

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