Baby B: Some Stories To Tell

I have been hearing friends’ and random strangers stories about their pregnancies and some of them just leave me astounded. Mine are full of ooohs and aahhhs of pain mostly, messy nose bleeds, frequent night time awakenings (every night), painful feet and hot flushes. Other women seem to be going through Wonderland pregnancies that even the weekly newsletters don’t tell you about.

Two women I met recently, both at 20 weeks of pregnancy, hadn’t felt any of the morning sickness or exhaustion that I encountered, but both claimed to have started to feel a little tired recently.

A friend with a 15 month old baby told me about how she loved being pregnant, loved getting bigger, loved having everything taste delicious and wonderful and wished she could do it all again soon.

Someone on Twitter mentioned a friend who was able to keep running and cycling up to her seventh month before she started to rest. I am seven months this week and I have managed perhaps two runs in all that time.

My mum claims to have had no morning sickness and to have been just fine all the way through both her pregnancies. She may be experiencing some post-hoc rationalisation though because I doubt she remembers the fine details 33 or so years later.

Sometimes I wonder whether it’s psychological rather than physical. While other mothers-to-be have their partner’s support, the house with the nursery and the clothes already bought and accounted for, I am planning to share one room with the little one and have the cot in the same space. I haven’t bought anything yet but have received lots of little clothes and blankets. There are 85 days to go until my due date and I’m starting to think I should get a move on.

On the positive side, I have started to feel better physically. The tiredness from the physical exhaustion is creeping away and I’m just stuck with the ordinary five-times-a-night-wake-up tiredness. My body has replaced its constant queasiness with a constant heartburn which doesn’t encourage much eating, although I do my best. The reduced eating means that while the bump is growing well, the rest of me has slowed down somewhat.

I have already mentioned the nose bleeds and they are the most unpleasant part, although struggling to put socks on is a close second. All in all, the baby is growing and the pregnancy is progressing. My first hope, above all, is for a healthy baby and second to that is for a healthy and pain free me. 12 weeks to go, hopefully.

5 responses to “Baby B: Some Stories To Tell”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a bad deal. But no worry, it could be way worse. A friend of mine was sick throughout her pregnancy and not just that so-called morning sickness, no, day in day out. She was desperate!

    Personally, I wasn’t keen on the weight that I was carrying around, and actually, I developed sciatic pains in one leg during the second pregnancy. That was very painful and I still have it sometimes.

    Whether it’s psychological what you’re going through, I don’t know. I think all bodies differ in how they respond to the pregnancy.

    I have a solution for your sock problem: wear the same one pair of socks from now on. Only change them when you have a really good friend that doesn’t mind helping you with the smelly socks. Ok, that’s not a solution. Be creative! 🙂

  2. Hi Judith, so true about it possibly being worse. A colleague had to leave for her maternity leave months early because she was in such pain and any step could split her pelvis, she also broke her ankle but couldn’t have an x-ray because of the pregnancy. There was that story of the woman who was so violently ill with her morning sickness that she chose to terminate the pregnancy at three months – poor thing. It’s all relative isn’t it? the sciatica sounds quite painful!

    Ha! about the sock problem, a solution it may be but won’t leave my colleagues very happy with me – extra points for being creative though :). I think I should have titled the post ‘not every day is a good day’ and that’s true for everyone. Not having a separate room for the baby is not the worst thing that could happen.


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  4. My best friend was very tired and sick until about 16 weeks, though since then I think she’s been fine (she’s 6 months now). For some really bad pregnancy stories take a look at Dooce’s archives. She had an awful time. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t look at that!

    1. Thanks Kate 🙂 it does make me feel better to know that it’s a shared experience. Lots of sympathy for your friend though and glad she’s over half way through it!

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