Baby B: Mama In Tears, Baby Chilling

28 weeks, four days

I was talking to Baby’s dad, a few days ago, and mentioned that there had been little kicking and activity going on that day. Baby had been all over the place the previous week, kicking and rolling and arching out. One early morning, I woke with a start as I was kicked very energetically near the ribs. I admire the energy and enthusiasm that must be behind all these movements and I half enjoyed it while still maintaining a level of wariness at the sustained attack.

The wariness turned into confusion as the activity slowed right down. The first morning of not being woken at the usual times of 3am to 5am was a slight interest. Since the 20 week scan there had been a gradual build up of activity and it had now slowed down. The next day there were some movements but very small ones. That night I kept waking and waiting for some movements but nothing really happened. I barely slept and woke in a panic. I had read a leaflet from the NHS about reporting any change in movements straight away. It said “don’t wait until the next day but call someone now”, so I did.

The first time I was put through to the midwife I was crying so much I could barely make out the words. I was told to call the Hospital instead and nearly had to get my housemate to come back home from work to call for me. I managed to stay coherent however and then trekked my way up St Michael’s Hill and on to the Day Assessment Unit.

The first thing they did was to scan the bump to make sure everything was ok. Baby was on its side and the beating heart was visible and much bigger than previously. The whole baby was much bigger since it had been two months since the last viewing and was facing me – more accurately the little scan machine thing – and the little hollows of the eye sockets were visible. The umbilical cord was pointed out and the little tummy. That was one very chilled baby, barely moving at all but doing very well.

The next stage was to hook me up to a machine which traced the baby’s heartbeat and recorded it. I was there for about half an hour and heartbeat was in range and steady. Sighs of relief all around.

I was impressed with how nice and calm all the staff and midwives were. They told me to call whenever I had any doubts, to not worry about wasting anyone’s time and they even wrote in my notes that I should do so.

Baby’s back to being a kicky little creature again but is more into somersaults and bouncing around from side to side. I even had a flurry of little kicks at some point as if she was pedalling to get away. The frenzied activity has calmed but we’ll see what happens. My favourite is when she kicks the laptop off my tummy. When I get a chance to record that I will post online.

6 responses to “Baby B: Mama In Tears, Baby Chilling”

  1. Glad to hear all is well with Baby, your journey has been a fascinating one to date, and I look forward to reading more about it, and one day, meeting the little tinker.

    Very much looking forward to seeing the laptop dance off of your belly in response to her energetic kicking and somersaulting 🙂

    1. Thanks Jose 🙂 I’m looking forward to meeting the little person too. Must capture that laptop dismissal soon!

  2. What a shock when you think something is wrong! It’s very hard to know what’s normal, even if you had had more than one baby, so I’m sure the midwives are always happy to check you out. Glad all is well. I wonder what stopped her from kicking, but glad she’s at it again.

    Wow, kicking so strong that the laptop moves? That’s amazing. My two sons were too lazy for kicking that hard. They’re still lazy. 🙂

    1. I’m hoping she was cozy for a little while and now back to being active again. She’s an energetic baby alright! Has not liked that laptop since 20 weeks. Thanks Judith 🙂

  3. Oh, that must have been terrifying! Glad to hear that all is well and that it was handled so calmly and helpfully. x

    1. Thank you 🙂 I was most impressed with all the staff and yes, back to normal now hopefully. Lots of kicking and rumbling and rolling from the baby today x

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