Clifton Cakes, Delicious Chocolate and Shoes

Clifton Cakes, Delicious Chocolate and Shoes

The Bristol chocolatier, Frances Cooley, who has even had Jimmy Choo nibble at one of her shoe creations, has opened doors in central Bristol. Until November 17, 2010, the cake, cupcake and chocolate making – including shoes and handbags – had all been taking place at home. For the lucky public, however, Clifton Cakes is now open in Hotwells with one door leading to the cafe, and retail shop, on St George’s Rd and the other, providing access to the workshop, on Anchor Rd.

The chocolate shoes, mentioned above, have been sold under the name Choc Chic, to over eight department stores including Liberty’s of London and worldwide to Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the USA.

Frances Cooley started as graphic designer and moved on to cake making before adding chocolate shoes and handbags to her repertoire. The original home based business started a few streets away and had been going for 12 years before the business became too big and had to expand.

The new setting has lots of natural night, a fair amount of space and a pervasive aroma of chocolate which emanates from downstairs where the creations are ongoing. The shelves are full of chocolate, including gift boxes, Christmas decorations, cupcakes on the counter and local gift cards which are by the two artists Fiona Willis and Kate Edmunds.

The cafe serves the usual coffee selections but the ultimate treat has to be the thick, hot, liquid chocolate made from cream and origin chocolate. They have it constantly on the go and the texture is reminiscent of a Spanish concoction. It is deliciously rich and undoubtedly the best choice of all the beverages. Try the hot chocolate, if nothing else, at Clifton Cakes, for a luxurious and indulgent treat. You will not be disappointed. The truffles, unsurprisingly, are also exquisite.

St Georges Rd and Anchor Rd, Hotwells, Bristol, Tel: 0117 927 7693,

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  1. Thanks for the pingback! Hadn’t realised this had already opened…and it’s close enough for me to visit on a lunchbreak at work, has to be done next week methinks! 🙂

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