Baby B: Shopping But Not As I Know It

30 weeks, four days

A cot: L127 x W68 x H101cm, conforms to BS EN 716, requires a continental size cot mattress (60 x 120cm) – check -, suitable from 0-24 months, 3-position mattress base height. Ordered online and paid for by mum.

Nappies: Boots own brand £2.99, Huggies newborn – unsure of price – but the sizes look good. Size 0 for low birth weight babies up to 3kg, Size 1 for newborns 2 to 5kgs. I pick up a packet (x24) of size 1, I’ll order a jumbo pack online later (or two) and get it delivered. Apparently newborns go through 10 to 12 nappies a day. “Get the size 0 for newborns” she says, that’s for low birth weight, I say. “How much do you think babies weigh, get the size 0”. I point out that size 0 is for ‘up to 3kg’ and size 1 is for newborns. “Get the size 0, 0 is the smallest so it’s for newborns”. I point out once again the sizes and the weight. We go on for a bit and then maybe she understands because she says nothing further.

I turned to Google and asked what I would need for a new baby and I added ‘NHS’ in the query. I then had my first official source of information: What will I need for the baby?

Nappy changing, Bathing, Sleeping, Feeding, Clothes, Getting out and about, and Also useful.

I don’t have a car so should I buy a car seat? What if the baby needs to travel by taxi or go in a friend’s car at some point? I look at car seats. I have no idea which one to choose. I settle on a Moses basket because suggests that babies outgrow them soon so you’re better off getting one second hand or borrowing one.

Cotton wool: always buy white. I pick up cotton wool balls. She comes by and replaces the balls with cotton wool pads. This is at the end of the hour long visit to Boots so I don’t say anything.

Microwave bottle sterilisers v electric bottle steriliser system all in one. ‘You don’t have a microwave’. ‘It broke recently and we’ll replace it’. ‘You don’t need it, you have no space’. ‘That’s not the point, we will get one and the microwave bottle sterilizer will be more useful’. ‘Get the electric all in one, you don’t need a microwave’. On and on and on.

I still need a baby monitor but bought a forehead, ear and room temperature thermometer. Nappy rash cream, a dressing gown and slippers for the hospital. A baby bath and a foam bath support.

You should always buy a new mattress – Mothercare Spring Interior Mattress with Amicor- Cot Continental £64.99.

Also Useful list: Blunt-edged scissors or baby nail clippers. From Boots in the end, £2.49. Put them back, she says. Why? They’re blue. What difference does it make? I guess they don’t have any other colours. We’ll get them.

The baby’s probably a girl but I won’t know for sure until he or she arrives. 66 days to go, give or take a few here or there.

2 responses to “Baby B: Shopping But Not As I Know It”

  1. I like this post! Isn’t it a lot of work, buying for baby? Especially if someone else thinks they know better. And you don’t know for sure, maybe they’re right!

    I think you’re right not to buy the smallest nappies, although if nappies are too large, “things” will drip out by the sides. Well, you’ll find out soon enough. 10-12 nappies per day sounds like a lot. I think I used between 6 and 10. Mostly 6 and no, my kids were never the ones with the big bag hanging between their legs, with a full nappy that was left by the Mum out of economy reasons. My kids never had nappy rash either. I think I had a free tub of nappy rash cream that I used in the beginning, but soon stopped using.

    I think there is a significant correlation between length of time nappies are worn (when wet) and nappy rash (and between nappy rash and unhappy babies) so if you change them often enough, hopefully your baby will be spared the ordeal.

    If you’re not planning to breastfeed, yes, get that microwave!!! It’s SO much easier at night as you can make the bottles in advance and then just microwave them (it’s better to err on the cold side when warming them up, just warm is fine. Too warm: you’ll have to wait for it to cool down).

    My best buy when we had our first was a portable phone (land line). I guess that’s quite standard now (or mobiles) but being able to call while just about in any spot in the house was an outcome for me. How times change!

    1. Thanks Judith, that is most helpful. The size 1 nappies were 2 to 5kgs so they seemed suitable. There are just so many choices out there, it’s incredible. The car seat situation still confuses me. I can borrow a pram from a friend but I think I will need one anyway. Am planning to breastfeed but it would be useful to store milk I guess. 65 days to go (give or take).

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