Data: Resource # Radar at

Until December 24, the Radar column on the site is offering a bit of a data treat for all interested readers. So far the topics have covered charts, data from wikipedia, designing your own visualisations and an exploration of where to find data. One of the sites listed is – a veritable trove of data, and others include Amazon Public Data Sets, Windows Azure Data Market and Infochimps.

All of these topics are useful if you’re looking for ways to delve and explore the data possibilities out there. The bonus from the O’Reilly website is the good use of technical explanations where appropriate.

One of the most interesting and useful columns is about Processing, the program that is freely available and helps with setting up graphics to visualise data. Explore some of the examples and if the graphics are inspiring enough to make you want to create your own, check out the column and the website. Enjoy.

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