Top Five Ephemeral Images 2010

‘I wish I had my camera with me’ has become my mantra over the last year. Wherever I walk I see images that are only there for a few seconds and then they’re gone. Sometimes it’s luck and other times it’s hours of waiting. The top five Ephemeral images of 2010 existed only for that period of time between the shutter opening and closing.

5. A hurried sunset

I was walking back from the Tobacco Factory with a friend who was very impatient. My photo-taking had to be quick and I mostly just pointed the camera and pressed the button without really investigating what I captured. I only saw the photos when I made it back home. I took four or five of the setting sun as I was walking over Vauxhall Bridge.

4. Brief moments past St Stephen’s church on Corn St

I tend to follow the sun when it comes to finding something to capture and in this particular instance it was settling on St Stephen’s church. The shadows were light and the sky was a darker blue than usual. I hadn’t noticed the seagull pausing among the turrets.

3. A very slow picture

This photo was taken in my bedroom on Colston St. The shutter speed was low, the flash was off and the exposure took a few seconds each time. The moon trekked its way all across the window by the time I was done and only one or two images managed to avoid being fuzzy. I had no tripod so I placed the camera on my chair and tried to be very still.

2. Sun rise from Bristol Bridge

I set off earlier than usual for my commute to Cheltenham in order to capture the sunset I saw most mornings. The camera was balanced on the edge of the railing that faced Castle Park. The light was still low enough for the exposure to take longer than usual and this was one of many that I took. I couldn’t have walked by and just captured a second of the world with this moment, it took a little more effort and it remains one of my favourite images.

1. Red sky at morning

This was taken on a weekend morning after a night out. I was still slightly dizzy when I briefly opened my eyes to see the red sky, and it was all red. I rushed out of bed and snapped a few pictures but the window pane was getting in the way. I then stood on the chair to take some photos only from the top part of the glass. I must have taken about 20 but this was the only one that worked out. It remains untouched, unfiltered, uncropped and looks pretty unhurried. I went back to bed and only saw it later in the day.

3 responses to “Top Five Ephemeral Images 2010”

  1. I love the red sky photo, especially the single bird silhouetted against the background.

  2. Not sure why but my comment should have come from this account, stupid lastpass put in some random twitter details!

    Still love the pic though!

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