Baby: Are You Sure?

34 weeks, four days

The bump measures 35 inches from pelvis to the top and I look more like Humpty Dumpty than ever. I am gaining lots of respect for his sitting on a wall since I can barely get comfortable on the couch these days. I’m growing daily and am meant to be gaining a lb a week in weight – I refuse to weigh myself and figure I will get more interested in that once baby arrives and I start training again.

The baby is arriving soon. There is a five week window of time when the arrival is expected as normal and two weeks beyond my due date I believe that they induce birth. That period of time begins in two and a half weeks and the baby will definitely be born by seven and a half weeks from now at the latest. That doesn’t sound too long to me.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a sporting goods store and wanted some clothes for running in the snow. I was planning to also go skiing and thought I should start seeing a physiotherapist again since my right ankle starts to hurt after about 3kms. Then I remembered I was pregnant.

My maternity leave started on Friday 24 December and people were asking whether I was getting excited. I’m waiting until I set up the cot before I get excited, I would reply. Before that I would say that I’m waiting for maternity leave to start before I start thinking about the baby. I’m now at home for a while and I have started to make a list of things to do before the arrival: read books, write up a review or two of some previous books, work on my shorthand, watch movies, knit, meditate, finishing my pregnancy books and another 20 or so items. Maybe after all that I will be ready?

I received five newsletters telling me I was 34 weeks pregnant and updating me on what’s going on. The baby should be running out of space right about now at around 45cm long and over 2kg in weight. The baby’s eyes are now blue regardless of what they will be in later life although I think they will probably remain light. Dad has blue eyes and I have grey-ish ones and both colours are genetically recessive. The baby’s brain is now apparently fully developed and while the lungs aren’t quite complete, the rest of the organs are fully mature and the hearing is fully developed [song choices: Motorhead, Britney, Pearl Jam, Kings of Convenience, Alphabeat? Must choose].

Some mornings, however, I wake up and am quite confused about what’s going on. Me? A baby? Are you sure?

4 responses to “Baby: Are You Sure?”

  1. Think it’s almost impossible to get your head round either giving birth or having a baby in your life before it happens. It’s just so far out of your usual frames of reference. So I wouldn’t worry about not feeling ready or excited. Every baby and every mum is different so all you can do is go with the flow. Only thing that is probably certain is that you’ll look back wistfully at this time and all the spare time you had. So relax and enjoy it as best you can, do stuff you enjoy and have lots of lie-ins!! You will soon be busy enough so don’t feel you need to pack lots in now. I hope you enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy and good luck with the final preparations.

    1. Thanks Jenny, that does sound comforting. You’re right of course, I can’t even begin to fathom it yet though. I will take your advice on lie-ins!

  2. Hope you’ll have some great weeks of maternity leave before the busiest period of your life starts!

    1. Thanks Judith 🙂 I’m doing my best!

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