Baby: Four Weeks Sitting Around

35 weeks, four days

Four weeks and three days left until my due date but only 10 days until the baby’s arrival becomes imminent. Sounds like soon and getting ‘sooner’ every moment. For a while I was stressing a lot about nappies. Must get nappies. Nappies. Nappies. Nappies. I only had one packet of newborn ones and have now bought two more. On to the next mantra.

What do I do about the baby wipes I bought? We were warned at the class not to use them on newborns. Babies should need nothing more than water apparently and the midwives had seen some terrible rashes from those beastly wipes. Get rid of wipes. The cot is still in its box against the wall in the living room. Cot. Cot. Cot. It weighs 20kg and the delivery guy didn’t bring it upstairs. The lovely Tesco delivery guy brought the microwave and vacuum cleaner right into the flat. Mothercare you failed big time.

The mattress is resting against the bottom of my bed. I need to pack my hospital bag by next week according to the recommended advice and I probably won’t be able to tweet too much from the hospital. The phone only has about 12 hours battery life and we’re not allowed to plug anything in. I have my ipod though and I’ll load up some videos just in case I’m there for a very long time. Is it silly to think I’ll be bored?

I’ll need to bring some food and remember my toothbrush, toiletries, dressing gown and slippers. I need a nightgown or an oversized t-shirt or something. It may be get a bit a messy so I don’t plan to keep it.

At 35 weeks the baby is not growing any longer but is putting on fat instead. The movements are much more obvious and I could feel a little hand or foot yesterday, bony little thing, right up against the surface of my tummy. The bump is now all the way over my ribs and things like sitting up and sitting back down are starting to be more painful than uncomfortable.

On the plus side, the little one has full-length fingernails and toenails and a fully developed pair of kidneys. My hemoglobin levels have increased to 9.8mg / l from 8.4mg two months ago but that’s still anaemic. I am breathless often and my heart starts racing with most activities. I have been referred to the physiotherapist because my walking became too painful but there’s not long too go and I should be back to normal after that.

So I’ll be putting together furniture and clearing out space in the next four weeks but mostly I’ll be sitting down. It’s not all restful though. The only comfortable position these days is lying down and I can’t be doing that all day.

4 responses to “Baby: Four Weeks Sitting Around”

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be a boring few weeks for you Joanna. You have time to sleep a bit more now, that will be good for you and the baby.

    I think it terrible that they wouldn’t bring that cot upstairs for you! What a bad service that is. Just ask the first person that visits you – forget about the English politeness, just do it! 🙂

    1. Not sure Judith, so far the time seems to be flying by and I barely manage to do all the things I want. So many books to read, posts to write, photographs to take, articles to browse through. I could get used to this!

      Luckily my housemate brought up cot otherwise it would have been a bit of a struggle – not a very helpful chap that delivery guy.


  2. Random comment but you can get ‘powerpacks’ for most phones now – this one is for the iPhone .

    Maybe quite expensive for what it is but if you’re trying to stay in contact with family it might be useful, if you end up staying in for a bit longer you could charge your phone and friends could charge the pack when not needed.

    1. That’s genius! I will take a look as I’d rather have my phone with me. Thank you 🙂

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