Achieving My Resolutions in 2011

The new year has come and gone and I have managed only one resolution so far. I have jotted down some other things I’d like but there’s one strong resolution about posting every day while the not so resolute ones include generally broad themes such as be creative, sell an article, use HDR exposure in my photography and others. Writing a novel has drifted off the list somewhere after the last NaNo but it can quickly be scooched back in as can goals such as eat healthier, run a marathon in a below-five hour time, well maybe a half-marathon PB instead. All possible perhaps but none of them ardently pursued or explored yet.

I am probably not the only one with resolutions on my mind and in my wanderings around the internet I came across the following article with some great advice on how to create powerful goals / resolutions. I am passing the information and link on to you, gentle reader, so you may hopefully gain something useful from it as well.

The article by Lululemon is the fifth day of goals and resolutions so if you want to read about why we goal set and learn about tips for thinking about the ideal vision of your life go back and check them out.

Steps for this stage:

  1. Use present tense – This is meant to help you think about the goals as being part of your life already rather than out of reach.
  2. Use affirmative language – focus on what you want and avoid thinking about what you don’t want.
  3. Check that you can you measure it – if you can’t measure it then it isn’t a goal and otherwise how will you know when you have achieved it?
  4. Specific – be specific, concise and keep it all to 15 words or less without needing any justification.
  5. By when – dates keep you accountable so state a month. Not all new year’s resolutions need to be for the end of the year.

These tips seem like a good start to me and for more information do check out the original article at Lululemon.

First step in being creative, cross stitch components


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