Mocha Mocha, hmm…

I am at home drinking lukewarm instant decaffeinated coffee and it tastes a hell of a lot better than the large mocha I didn’t really enjoy on St Michael’s Hill today.

With 40 minutes to spare before an appointment I wandered down to the cafe which sits right in the heart of the area where Bristol University students gather and pass by. The boards inside advertised beverages such as hot chocolate, americano and cappuccino coffees, specialities such as mocha coconut bounty and a variety of sandwiches, baguettes and paninis.

I ordered a large mocha, thinking it would be a treat to have the speciality after which they have named the cafe, and a flapjack with strawberry jam in the middle. I was charged an extra 30p for soy milk, which is not unusual, but was also charged an extra 30p for decaf coffee. I hadn’t come across a charge for taking something out of a coffee before. The sweet snack was very tasty and not just a mash up of oats. The flapjack was light and delicately textured and while not exactly crumbly it was soft and just sweet enough.

The large mocha was 16 ounces of coffee and chocolate and nearly all of them were bland and tasteless. I didn’t finish it so maybe it was surprisingly delicious at the end.

The cafe was full of students and lunching folk who were just as likely to eat in as take away their baguettes. The atmosphere was pleasant and I was lucky to sit at a table which had copies of the Bristol Evening Post and the Sun. I browsed through one of the papers, which on Thursdays has food reviews, so I managed to catch up with a review of the new restaurant Cote in Clifton which was seen as a welcome addition. I can’t quite imagine that Mocha Mocha is anything but a habit rather than a treat to visit. I was not impressed.

Mocha Mocha. 139 St. Michaels Hill Kingsdown, Bristol, Avon BS2 8BS

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