Baby: Penguin launches the ‘first UK book app for babies’

Penguin has released one of the first book apps designed for babies as young as three months old, which will apparently help enhance children’s hearing, visual and motor skills. I was able to watch this app, called ‘Baby Touch Peekaboo’ , in motion last week as a friend demonstrated its use on her 16 week old son. There is a selection of stories on which you click. A scene of bright colours comes up and there are accompanying lyrical noises. A giraffe may make a sound or a penguin rolls off a hill with a whoosh and lands in the water.

All the baby has to do is touch the screen and the next scene goes by. Baby James, who was the littlest role model, showed dexterity and great capability in touching the phone but he was occasionally more interested in exploring it with his mouth rather than making the colours change.

The app seemed like fun and I know that I will be getting one as soon as they make it for android (otherwise I’m getting a new phone around the time baby gets to three months).

Antarctic: Signy Island - Adelie penguins

Read more on the Telegraph website. The app is available from the Apple store for £1.79.

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