The amazing NHS

I talked to my midwife today, well I say ‘my’, and she is, but she was one of a team of midwives who I would see on regular intervals. The one who I talked to today was the one who took my details in my first hour long booking appointment. She handed me the tissues when I told her the father wanted nothing to do with any of it. She told me that the overflow of emotions was a way of connecting with the baby.

In the middle of January I asked if I could bring the father along so he could hear the baby’s heartbeat. He didn’t come along and my sister was there instead. 34 weeks later I caught her up on all the latest news. She asked who my birthing partner was in the end. The last time I’d seen her I’d mentioned it was possibly going to be one of three and we talked about all the recent changes and bitched a fair amount as well.

One of the other midwives who had taken care of me was one of the home visitors who showed up to check me over. I was with familiar faces and when they found out that the baby was so large at birth their shock and concern seemed genuine and sincere. The baby is here but I’m not quite done yet. There is a post-natal session on Thursday and a breast feeding clinic on Monday.

All of this goes to show how amazing the system is and I didn’t have to pay £200 for my baby scans as those who went private did. I glimpsed a headline about David Cameron backing away from his commitment to hire / train more midwives and I will check it out in a bit.

For now I am just very grateful and impressed and wanted to mention it before I started writing my thank you letter.

St. Michael's Hill

One response to “The amazing NHS”

  1. Midwives? I think they cannot help but be compassionate, friendly, interested and involved with the mother and baby. They are sometimes a bit short, especially when tired, but they are the best! 🙂

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