A diary of sorts

A diary of sorts

Day 11

The sound of bells from the Bristol Cathedral, an ambulance towards Clifton, loud rain on the windows and the baby’s soft breathing. A grey day.

Day 12

Today the baby was restless all morning. Usually there are three things which make her cry: being hungry, needing her nappy changed and needing to be winded. The rest of the time she is pretty much a little zonky all passed out in her Moses basket, bed or couch. Today she will only sleep in my arms and according to her she’s been hungry since 8:00 when we woke up. The time is now 13:29.

Day 13

She wakes up at 4.30 in the morning and we feed, change her nappy, feed again until after six and then go back to sleep. She wakes up again at eight and we go through the same routine until 10. Today, dad comes by with some friends and she gets to be zonked out in his arms for a while.

She’s sleeping and now and then she wails or raises her head. She has some strands of gold through her dark hair.

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