A series of firsts for me and the baby

I visited my GP on Monday and little M became very hungry and vocal while the nurse drew my blood. I said that she was hungry and was offered a chance of a place to breastfeed. First time I fed the baby in public was in the surgery’s common area / kitchenette / staff room. I was even given a glass of water.

First time I cut her fingernails, Thursday 17 February. I was terrified. Her fingers are so small and I am scared of hurting her.

First time my housemate took her out for a walk was 27 February. He was very stressed and spent most of the time pushing her around Park St and the Clifton Triangle so that she wouldn’t cry while I shopped.

March 2, first time I tried to put on the baby pouch. It didn’t happen, it all looks more complicated than even opening up the pram.

March 2, baby’s first publication in the Venue magazine with a lovely photo of her sleeping. My parents are convinced she will be the next journalist addition to the family as she looks very intelligent. Now I need to give her the perfect middle name in case it’s needed for a byline.

February 14, the first time I held her was in the operating room at St Michael’s hospital and they put her straight on my chest after she was delivered. I was so used to carrying her that it all felt very normal. I was lying flat and the doctors were still doing things so I didn’t dare move although thinking back I probably wasn’t able to move because of the anesthetic. I kept asking my birthing partner whether she was ok because I couldn’t see her face.

4 responses to “A series of firsts for me and the baby”

  1. She is gorgeous 🙂 Lots of firsts and many more to come, I look forward to reading about them x

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I think so too and yes, so many firsts to come. x

  2. She is stunning! That hair and those eyes could melt anyone’s heart.

    1. She’s lovely 🙂 Xx

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