Bristol brewer feels squeeze as it prepares for new Budget beer price hike

Wednesday 23 March is the day the budget is announced in the UK and I took a look at how the beer duty increase was set to affect Bristol brewers.

By Joanna Papageorgiou, published on

Across the Floating Harbour from the tourist attraction, the ss Great Britain, are two pubs which sell locally produced ale. The Grain Barge sells its Bristol Beer Factory produce and the Three Tuns over the road is owned by local producers Arbor Ales.

In between the two sits the shut down pub ‘Bag of nails’ at the bottom of Jacobs Wells Rd. One pub as a reminder of the difficulty to keep afloat during a recession although there are many more former pubs scattered across the city.

Click on the link for the rest of the article.

Playing On The Side, North St

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