Six weeks old, March 28 2011

Today we tried our Bjorn Baby carrier for the first time after having it sit around for three weeks.

The first attempt was a bit of a scare as the baby screamed as soon as I put her in so I quickly took her out. After examining and adjusting, I put her back in, and figured out how to do up various straps thanks to a youtube video on my smartphone watched while wandering around, she loved it and took about 10 seconds to fall asleep.

I’d bought the Baby Bjorn in a panic stricken mode one day after having some issue with the pram. I rushed off to Boots to buy cotton and saw it and bought it – £62. I can’t even remember why now but the urgency disappeared as soon as I brought it home and couldn’t figure out how to use it. My sister visited soon after luckily and helped out.

Our first trip in the pouch was to Tesco on Millennium Square.

Very quick getting there and baby was zonked out the whole way. Figuring out how to dress her took longer than going and coming back. I settled on a knitted hoody cardigan which was beautifully created by my housemate’s mum. She used baby cotton wool and the texture is delicate and soft. She made it before I knew I’d be having a little girl so the colours are white, green and yellow. It is simply stunning. The baby also wore an all in one pink pant suit, over her pink onesie, with a gathered front to look like a set of Vs and she also wore pink polka dot socks.

We then spent our morning cooking mushroom stroganoff.

I had to buy some red wine for the dish and was almost disappointed that the woman had no problem selling alcohol to someone carrying a tiny baby around. Obviously an overreaction on my behalf. I have barely drunk any alcohol over the last year and my last hangover was nearly a year ago now. Instead of missing it, I just seem to look down on any consumption but I do keep noticing how normal it is.

After having a few naps and feeds, the baby had her first proper Exorcist-like vomit session all over me and herself.

The poor little pup became hysterical and we rushed off to get changed and get cleaned up. She didn’t calm down until the offensive clothes were gone and she was all snuggled up in her blankie. She was back to normal once uncle housemate gave her a cuddle while he worked on his computer.

I have the tv off all day but M was introduced to whatever was on between nine and 11 last night as housemate took care of her while I caught up on some sleep.

Lovely housemate also cooked dinner for us, of which I managed half. After her babysitting adventures she slept through most of the night, in between feeds, and I woke the next day at 10.10 to find her cooing to herself.

And that’s how we spent little M’s six week birthday celebration.

In between all those events I think I noticed some new sounds she has been making. Some warbles and ‘eees’ and ‘ouwamawa’ things. She smiles more often, plays and talks to herself more often. She does not seem as frantic about eating which is a relief and since Saturday night, her neck wobbles a lot less.

5 responses to “Six weeks old, March 28 2011”

  1. Glad you managed the Baby Bjorn, but what a ridiculous price! You may consider the NCT clothes and toys sale if there is one near you (twice a year) which sells second hand items just like that, generally used by middle class women and sold to other middle class women with money (because if you don’t have much money, you wouldn’t want be seen dead buying something second-hand, it’s just how it goes!). Also good for absolutely lovely dresses that get worn for special occasions (once or twice) and then are too small and sold on.

    My back wasn’t good enough for the baby Bjorn but Nick used it quite a bit.

    Your housemate is a special man. I think you will have to marry him, or he may do a runner as soon as Mersina has learned the word “No!!” (and how to stamp her feet).

  2. Some stuff is so expensive, luckily it lasts until baby is 12.5 kgs so I’m hoping to get a fair amount of use from it. Good tip about the NCT sales. There are some things I’ve barely used and clothes I will be passing unused completely.

    Had to smile at the image little M stomping her foot. I hope time doesn’t fly by too quickly! He’s a great friend.

  3. Lovely photo, she really is gorgeous 🙂
    We went for a cheaper baby-carrier…a Mothercare’s own brand version. Was only about £30 (only!?) but stressed me out so much when it was time for us to get out & about on our own, it would leave me in tears, covered in various buckles, etc…
    One woman on the bus once actually pointed out I’d fastened it incorrectly. Marvellous.
    The pushchair we’ve had since then is absolutely brilliant. Stress-free. We’ve walked miles all over Bristol with it. It does get much easier, promise. She sounds like a v contented baby though 🙂
    PS I bet that girl in Millenium Square Tesco is the same one who always tells me to use the self-service checkouts, despite the fact she’s always sat on the till with nothing to do & no-one to serve. Lazy!

    1. Thanks Jess! I may need to invest in a new pram soon, she’s nearly too big for the one I have. It will be nice to explore Bristol with little M. I can’t wait until she can enjoy the swings as well x p.s. sounds like the same Tesco girl!

  4. Check out stretchy wrap slings or soft structured carriers like the Ergo – Born on Gloucester Road have loads.

    6 weeks is classic growth spurt time as well which might explain the vomming if you’re breastfeeding. Sometimes they take in too much because they’re putting in their order for tomorrow.

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