Baby blog posts moving on

Dear gentle readers,

Since having Mersina, seven weeks and two days ago, I have been a little biased in my posting and baby posts have increased from once a week to nearly every day.

In respect of this increased frequency and new focus I have decided to start a new blog exclusively about the baby and my adventures as a single parent.

You can visit at and subscribe for email updates or by RSS feed to keep up to date with what little M and I get up to through the year.

Changes to this site:
I am initially redirecting all posts to the new address and then will slowly be deleting from this blog as appropriate. This means that when you click on the menu Baby B you are now redirected to Ephemeral Baby. I am aiming to redirect all links to the new blog as soon as possible. I hope there is no disruption.

Hope to see you all there.

2 responses to “Baby blog posts moving on”

  1. I LOVE reading your adventures with Mersina – I am getting to the point of pregnancy now where I am constantly thinking – what will it be like to have a little person with me all the time? So I get a little insight into that through you. Look forward to keeping up!

    1. Thanks Lyndsey! Post your own adventures as well if you get a chance. I look forward to seeing you more on the Baby blog as well x

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