Talking about the future

Talking about the future

London from the Tate Modern, a view

My sister and I were talking about travelling a while ago and she described it as exciting. Who knows, you could end up sitting next to the man of your dreams, soulmate etc.

I think of travelling as exactly the opposite. It is the one time I get to be on my own and do exactly what I want to do. My biggest fear is that I’ll end up on a journey without pen or paper or even a book. I prize my time alone.

So when Steve Bavister sat across from me on the train from London Paddington I didn’t pay him much attention. I was sitting at one table that seats four and he sat diagonally opposite. He was with another guy who sat across the aisle at the other table where another young woman was sitting.

Bavister and his companion chit chatted for a while and I noticed that he had a copy of every newspaper. They were both inclusive and friendly but I kept on reading my book The Universal Journalist* and eating my M&S quinoa salad.

There was then a mention of vegetarians and he apologised with a look towards my salad. Then they discussed the papers he was carrying and said something about the media. He then said sorry in case I was a journalist and nodded towards the book. I said I wasn’t and after that we got chatting.

Bavister is an NLP trainer and had previously edited a magazine so when I said I’d like to be a journalist he gave me some suggestions and then we discussed some things we’d both read in the papers over the last few weeks including a comedy stand up act.

He’d been trying to get me to say what my goal was for the future. I said I didn’t know. We circled back to a different topic and then his stop was approaching at swindon and he tried to get me to say it again and I avoided the question. As he stood to get hs bag he asked if you did know, what would it be? I answered ‘ I’d be a journalist in Brussels working for the Telegraph’. ‘Then do it’ he said and he left.

I was amazed. The Telegraph? Really? But it felt real and I felt energised and full of clarity.

That was two years ago. I signed up to do a distance learning course in news reporting. I even applied for a job in Brussels that wasn’t realistic but it was a beginning at least. I was aiming for August 2010 but that didn’t work out.

I would love to meet Mr Bavister again to figure out my next goal. I’m not sure it’s Brussels anymore.

* affiliate link to Amazon.

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