Scheduling my time

Last September I decided that I needed more structure in my writing so I chose three subjects which I knew somewhat and posted on them three times a week.

I lost interest in transport as soon as I stopped commuting so the Transported column pretty much drifted away. The data column disappeared when I couldn’t find the motivation for writing about a subject which I spent all day looking and analysing.

The only subject that kept my interest was the baby column and that really took over most posts so I moved it to its own home.

So here I am, seven months later and all the routine and structure I had attempted has disappeared.

I think it’s a good time to set up a new routine and a useful way to work towards some goals.

My last opportunity for NCTJ exams is in November and I need to work on my shorthand, portfolio and studies. I would like to write a novel or at least publish a book. I plan to go back to posting more photographs and I also want to write at least one review – of something cultural – once a week and keep up with the read-a-long I have been doing.

First attempt at setting a schedule:

Monday: something to do with the NCTJ course, not sure what yet; photograph;
Tuesday: photograph;
Wednesday: novel update? Writing? Photograph;
Thursday: not sure
Friday: um.. opinion piece on something political maybe?
Saturday: book related post;
Sunday: cultural review.

I’ll finalize the schedule and play around with it until May, then follow it for a month and see how it works out.

Any thoughts or suggestions, dear readers?

I also want to post one question to you each day. I am terrible at interviews so this will be a chance to work on that too. I hope you don’t mind being part of my experiment.

Thoughtfully yours, as ever.

4 responses to “Scheduling my time”

  1. Good luck, Jo. You’ve been active on your blog(s) anyway so I think it shouldn’t be too hard to follow your new schedule. I am committed to posting every day and there are days that I’d rather not. Usually I have one or more unpublished book reviews so I put those up rather than making a totally new post. That way, I have managed a post a day since Jan. 1st.

    1. Thanks Judith. You’ve done brilliantly and I noticed that you have a schedule set up already. I’ve managed to only miss around five days so far but some days I have no idea what write about. Hopefully some structure will help.

  2. My, that sounds organised! Good luck with it all. I look forward to answering your daily questions!

  3. Sounds great Mister! I’m already looking forward to the political pieces 🙂 For example I haven’t really looked at thi sAV thing at all – would that be interesting for the first political piece? (well not in depth anyway – just surrounded by the people running the YES twitter campaign so am gettign a rather blasting biased opinion – did you watch have I got news for you last Friday? Awesome! blasting the tory chick on it…. hmm but I digress) Structure never hurt anyone – that’s how newspaper’s do it 🙂 One tip for the shorthand – sign up to press releases from the Mayor or the Bristol County Council and when someone’s speaking go and take notes. Or do it with the news every night? Practice makes perfect 🙂 Can you teach me? xxx Miss love – happy ANZAC Day x

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