Read-a-long: Bolaño’s 2666 – Week 5

The Bolaño 2666 Read-A-Long is a twelve week read of 2666 with people who can’t face reading the tome on their own. There are about 8 of us who are reading this together.

If you like to join in, get your copy of 2666 and join us any time. You can find the full reading schedule in THIS POST.


Section five – The part about Fate (week five)

Mentions of the abyss were abundant in section one and “the abyss is the primeval chaos out of which it was believed that the earth and sky were formed. Also the abode of evil spirits, hell. At least according to the” (week two)

By the time we get to Fate, however, their mention has trickled away and the first and only time the abyss is mentioned is on page 315. What does this mean?

In this section, fate steps in and saves Rosa from becoming another victim. Literally, via Oscar Fate.

A mad man in a cell once again has the answers. The pattern is consistent with three people in the cell as he is about to be interviewed.

Bolano’s style really comes through in this part. His lack of narrative in favour of just describing events meant that I had no real idea about what was happening in the house until Rosa and Fate discussed it. This is a real ‘show don’t tell’ kind of story. I keep thinking that the characters know more than I do.

Could the prisoner in the cell be Archimbaldi?

The jealousy that overcomes Chucho seems like some kind of external force. Rosa knows that his behaviour isn’t right. Peeking ahead it seems that the force of whatever is killing women, acts through others. We are told about the terrible force of the prisoner’s personality which leaves even the guards slightly scared. Could it be that this person in this cell has the power to unleash such hell on women through his personality?

3 responses to “Read-a-long: Bolaño’s 2666 – Week 5”

  1. Great review, as always. I liked this part, sort of. I liked Fate, for sure. I never thought that the prisoner could be Archimboldi but that is an interesting thought.

    You better read on and find out what happens next. Although, next? It’s a different part with different people. Sigh! I have my hopes on you to find out what exactly this is all about, because I’m a little lost.

  2. Great ideas here & Oscar as the flawed hero, sort of fate intervening. Then there’s the Desert, could that be perceived as a primeval force.

  3. You have got some wild imagination! Perhaps those characters know more than they appeared to be. Fingers crossed we’ll find the answer soon!

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