Fortnight, a love story by Mayfest

Honey, I told you. These things never last. (link – YouTube)

I meant to write an explanation of Fortnight right at the start but registration had already closed and I never got around to digging out the Mayfest booklet from under a pile of other things and I couldn’t put into my own words the very pretty description. The chance to entice others had already gone anyway.

A friend signed us up – Thank you, Martin.

Fortnight promised to be a two week adventure that took creativity and transformed it into an experience of falling in love. Kind of something like that. Maybe it was more like having someone wonderful fall in love with you.

For two weeks this mysterious lover went all about the city and chose special places to leave small mementos and tasks.

A handwritten letter was hand delivered all over Bristol at midnight and contained an individual badge to open up treats. Posters on the Watershed, Royce Rolls, the Train Station invited responses by means of an sms to a specific address.

The two of us, and our daughter Mersina, visited the Mercure hotel and answered a red telephone in the lobby. I can’t remember the question now but I remember the setting sun as we pushed the pram back into town and the answers: sailing under the Clifton Suspension Bridge; hiding in the Redcliffe Caves.

We took two trips each to get to Pembroke Rd, respectively and not together. A house of bees, the honey, the map, the badge, the triangular tiled floor and the curved staircase. Mumford and Atlas.

The three of us were at John the Baptist’s church and we wrote the letter from the past. I typed, they read.

A trip up to a room on the top floor with a view of the Bristol Cathedral and the Council House. A very nice photograph and I still haven’t found the address to post my postcard. The front of which says sailing.

Waking up to a text message with a secret location and the promise of excitement. Emails during the day. A poem. A message asking for a reply. Secret words.

The Theatre Collection by the University of Bristol held the Odyssey, a map, a box, a book of circuses and individual little envelopes.

The tallest in our little party of three was telling me that you don’t laugh when you are happy but you are happy when you laugh. I wonder if it’s the same with love and adventures. You don’t send poems, hide clues, find treats, explore, get creative and wander when you fall in love but fall in love when you do all the above? I’d love to find out.

Fortnight was a personalised but shared experience that was like PS I Love You and Amelie and Charlie Brown and Love Is… all wrapped up into one.

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’ve been loved? Doesn’t it make you laugh when you think of?

4 responses to “Fortnight, a love story by Mayfest”

  1. That sounds amazing. I’d love to have joined in but had lots of commitments I couldn’t get out of. I hope there’s a repeat sometime.

    1. I hope they do it again next year, it was so lovely. I would definitely recommend it.

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  3. […] sounds a bit like the wonderful Fortnight that took place a couple of years ago and was very much an intimate love story with the city’s […]

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