Nectarine & almond cupcakes with basil syrup

This post is about my very brief but tasty adventure pursuing a new recipe by Genevieve Taylor. I became determined to make the peach almond cake with lavender syrup as soon as I saw the recipe.

“I will make this recipe today,” I foolishly proclaimed in a tweet but then struggled to find lavender. Well, I didn’t struggle to find it, admittedly, there was some on the corner of Cumberland Rd but I felt too guilty cutting bits off of someone else’s plant.

I bought the ingredients straight away but I couldn’t really get going without the flowery one so I wondered whether to just skip the syrup.

After sleeping on it for a few days I ingeniously decided that since I had lots of basil growing around the flat (about six plants at last count) why not just use that? Brilliant!

I also had bought nectarines that day as I don’t actually like peaches which explains part of the name.

Oh and the cupcake rather than cake part? Well when it came time to pour the mixture into the already prepared cake tin, I couldn’t find it. The muffin / cupcake tin was right in front though as were the muffin little paper things so voila!

The recipe is available on Genevieve’s site and the cupcakes turned out delicious.

6 responses to “Nectarine & almond cupcakes with basil syrup”

  1. I love this post! Your recipe is so different from the original but you explain exactly why and it all makes sense – and apparently tasted good, too.

    Well done for finding the time. I’d love to read more about your kitchen creations.

    1. Thanks Judith 🙂 I wish I could send you some cupcakes as they turned out beautifully. I had two before lunch, unfortunately, and now can’t quite manage lunch. Silly. (no regrets though!)

  2. I’m so glad you made my recipe, and really happy you altered it to suit our tastes and what you had in your kitchen. Thats what recipe sharing is all about. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I knew it would be a great recipe and am very glad I tried it. The basil syrup wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped so may crush the leaves next time or add more and leave longer. Worked well though.

  3. If you want some lavender, we have more than you can imagine in our back garden-English and French varieties…just let me know! xx

    1. Brilliant! We must visit you soon. These cupcakes were amazing, they were like the ones you made me when I was pregnant. Do you remember? I think they saved my life that day, I was feeling so awful xx

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