Self service machines, Bristol Central Library

The self service machines are amazing and I pray, pray, pray that no one hurts them.

To return a book, simply click on ‘return’ on the touch screen. Place the item in the shelf underneath the monitor, the machine recognizes the book(s), choose to receive a receipt or not and you’re done.

To borrow a book is just as simple. There is a slot where the library card’s barcode is read. You place the book(s) in the tray in the machine and when you receive your optional receipt, all the items you’ve borrowed are listed on there.

How could anyone not love it?

One response to “Self service machines, Bristol Central Library”

  1. There is a lot of trust in installing this machine and I don’t see it work very well for some dodgy places! The London Westminster Library installed one of these and it’s amazing. The Reading library has yet to catch up. Welcome to the 21st century of library loan. 🙂

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