Boston Tea Party, Cheltenham Road

The Boston Tea Party chain of cafés have Stokes Croft as their newest location in the West Country. They pride themselves on serving outstanding coffee, tea and creating delicious, original affordable meals. That’s what they say and I tend to agree.

My daughter and I visited Cheltenham Road for their newest addition with a dash of trepidation. My daughter Mersina was in her pram and cafes around that area are independent and arty and usually quite small or feature various sets of steps or tables on pavements.

In contrast, the new cafe is spacious with plenty of room between tables that are placed inside and outside in the courtyard. I had a 12oz soya, decaf latte with chai flavouring and the barrista barely blinked at the order, which was encouraging.

I also tried one of the pastel de nata little tarts which are lovely. My coffee was curdled unfortunately but that has to be a one off as Boston Tea Party is one of the places that usually know how to treat soy milk.

The best thing about the new cafe is that it also sells pancakes among its delicious sounding menu items. The Boston Tea Party on Park Road did not do so the last time I was there. I look forward to going back and trying some of the food.

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