Finding my ‘why’ in order to find the ‘how’ in blogging

I scrolled through some old posts in my blog and they all felt so uninspiring. I was bored just looking at them, let alone reading them. I’ve definitely lost my mojo when it comes to blogging.

I started up all inspired and enthusiastic nearly two years ago. I wanted to be a journalist and writing seemed like a great way to do it. That idea of writing for practise and to explore different styles kept me going for a while. I signed up for a journalism course, long distance, and started picturing what it would be like to live in Brussels and get involved with European political scenes.

I then became pregnant and the ideas of journalism kind of flew out of my head. I had a job I loved, great colleagues, supportive family and a baby on the way. I just didn’t see me pursuing a career as a young professional with great shorthand skills.

What then though? Why was I writing?

For a while I kept going with thoughts about the baby during and after pregnancy. Once I split the baby stuff off to somewhere else though it all faded away. Maybe I’m not so good at compartmentalising.

The things on my mind were no longer the kind of things I could talk about. Family and friends seemed to be reading so discussions on personal relationships just weren’t appropriate. Even if I just wanted to vent about something I couldn’t afford to insult anyone.

I wasn’t getting out too often so there couldn’t be too many posts about what I’d been doing. A few food reviews have made it on to the blog but even these have been half-hearted.

I am now on a mission to understand why I blog. I read this great article a couple of days ago and it resonated with me. Ollin Morales quotes Nietsche and then goes on to explain how it applies to blogging: “He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.”

It’s worth a read if you’re also feeling a bit of a slump or just want to find out how to produce 201 eggs. You’ll see what I mean.

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2 responses to “Finding my ‘why’ in order to find the ‘how’ in blogging”

  1. My private practice logo has a cat looking at a star. The star in question is my guiding star. However hard practising as a therapist gets, I’ve got that guiding star of ‘this is how I can make the world a slightly better place’ to show me the way.

    For blogging, I started out with a mission statement so I could be clear on my why: see if that helps.

    I think that, in 20 to 30 years time, the most interesting blogs will be the ones that detailed the mundane everydayness of life. Stuff like ‘got a text from so-and-so’. Imagine a future in which technological capacity has retreated back to the 19th century owing to economic and ecological collapse. Alternatively, imagine a future in which technological advance considers texting to be utterly archaic.

    That’s not saying your blog is mundane! 😉 More a reflection that *anything* becomes worthwhile once you have that ‘why’ (in this case, the why would be ‘so future historians can see how I lived’).

    And remember that ‘because I enjoy it and I want to’ is a perfectly valid answer too!

    Good luck with the introspection.

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. It has certainly kept me thinking. A look at your mission statement helped me to see how useful it is to have a structured approach. Especially when it allows for a way to articulate my morals and purpose.

      I agree with the idea that it is the mundane that will be most interesting. I already love blogs from other countries, lifestyles, cultures that detail things that to them are ordinary but to me seem so exotic.

      I hope to have a mission statement up soon. Your comment is most appreciated.

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