Tyrannosaur, reflection

Paddy Considine made his directorial debut in the 2008 BAFTA winning short film Dog Altogether about a violence-fuelled man and a charity worker. Tyranossaur is an expansion of that film and explores the relationship in which the charity worker’s character is being abused.

Olivia Colman’s role in Paddy Considine’s new movie is not a surprise. They first met on Hot Fuzz and went on to play together in Le Donk and Scor-say-zee. In Tyrannosaur, Considine directs Colman in a story about as far as you could go from the lighthearted tone of their previous feature works.

The story features, Joseph, (Peter Mullan), a man with anger and alcohol issues. He strikes up an unlikely friendship with a Christian woman (Olivia Colman) working at a charity shop who is caught up in an abusive relationship.

The strongest performance is from Colman who impresses with an amazing repertoire that rings true throughout. Mullan rages quietly, bursts into anger and settles again just as seamlessly. The anger jars at first but it’s not long before it stops being a surprise and he becomes the one with which we identify.

The one part which seemed slightly out of character was a break in the proceedings where a pub full of people became drunk and merry. In an environment where alcohol is more a weapon than a means of escape, this just didn’t sit right. However, it did serve to show that the movie and circumstances were about the people and the characters rather than anything else. There were no excuses and no extenuating circumstances.

Considine has created a story where the relationships and the environment blend together in a harsh commentary about taking responsibility for your actions. It is well worth watching.


Interview with Paddy Considine and Olivia Colman in the Guardian.

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