A Hartfelt birthday treat

I just had to share a wonderful birthday breakfast treat which I received last week. A box of pastries and jar of grapefruit marmalade make up the Breakfast in Bed present from Hart’s Bakery and my little girl’s dad woke up very early to surprise us all.

Our delicious box of pastries:

The Hart’s bakery will be at their normal workshop on Hampton Lane,
just off Cotham Hill , for one more week and then it all becomes a bit uncertain. In the meanwhile, Laura Hart’s pastries can be found at 40 Alfred Place in Kingsdown.

Thank you for the lovely treat Martin and Hart’s bakery. What a clever, and utterly delicious present from Mersina’s favourite place. We were very impressed.


2 responses to “A Hartfelt birthday treat”

  1. A nice surprise indeed! I would love to receive such a box for my birthday. Lucky you!

    Oh, and a happy belated birthday!

    1. Thank you! If they were as delicious at the end of the journey, as they are at the start, I would send you some, Judith. They really were a treat.

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