Posting again, every day?

Last year this time I said I would post every day but I didn’t manage it. The thought of trying again has been gently prodding and poking at me for the last few weeks. There is something comforting about having to write. Having to find something to post and not needing to perfect an idea in order to publish it. The smaller and slightly more ordinary find a way to make it on the page in times when they would receive nothing more than a cursory glance.

Let’s see how it goes. Happy posting to me!

2 responses to “Posting again, every day?”

  1. Good luck, Jo. I can tell you, it’s quite the challenge. I’m on track to finish the PostADay challenge for this year but then it’s been enough and I’ll take it a bit easier next year.

    I was of course lucky in that I read a lot so I did 2 or 3 book reviews per week. Then an It’s Monday, What are you reading? post on Monday. A New arrivals (new books) on Wednesdays and for most of the year, my own competitions on the Thursday and that left very little else to fill. (I was very organised with it, too. Always a review on Tuesday, never on Monday, etc.).

    Maybe a schedule like this to guide you through the week will help – a review, something personal, something about what you noticed that week, etc. Otherwise, it’s going to be very hard. Good luck!

  2. Good point, Judith. Ad hoc posting is definitely a sure way to fail. I need to plan some things and then it will have a better chance of actually working. You’ve done great this year! Very impressive.

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