Za Za Bazaar, Harbourside

Za Za Bazaar, Harbourside

If you love Pizza Hut and Iceland then your luck is in. Za Za Bazaar opened about a month ago now and serves 997 people at a sitting. It is the place you can go to enjoy a family meal, a casual treat before going out or something else which puts an emphasis on ‘casual’. There is one exception which is the Indian selection of dishes which are excellent.

There are meant to be cuisines from around the world but there are only about eight main sections:

Indian: Excellent; butter chicken; lamb roganjosh, dhal, pilau rice with a hint of safron, chicken tikka, fresh, handmade naan, popadoms.

Chinese: Poor; noodles, rice and a few meat based dishes; steamed dumplings which didn’t quite taste right; spring rolls and other fried dumplings.

Tex-Mex: Mediocre; nachos; chicken wings.
American: Mediocre; burgers cooked on the grill; toppings; corn on the cob.

Piri Piri chicken: unknown; I am not sure why this dish gets its own section but it is cooked to order apparently.

Sushi: Mediocre;

Italian: Mediocre; garlic bread, risotto (freshly made), pasta, pizza;

Salad: Poor; Broccoli, chick peas, olives and a few more individual items. Dinner offers a greater selection but they’re still not brilliant. There are individual miniscule prawn cocktails which are bland at best.

Dessert: Poor; three / four types of mini cakes; profiteroles; soft serve ice cream, chocolate fondue. For dinner there is also a serving of mini creme brulee which were actually quite tasty; melon and grapefruit. Cupcakes – atrocious.

The dishes I’ve mentioned are only a selection and there are a few more available. Note that there are fewer dishes at lunch time than at dinner.

Lunch is £6.99 each from Monday to Thursday; £9.99 the rest of the days. Dinner is £12.99 each from Monday to Thursday; £15.99 the rest. Under 5s eat free; 5s to 11s half price.. The drinks are a bit pricey with the cheapest red wine at £4 for a small glass (175ml).

The service was excellent. My daughter made an incredible mess under her high chair but the staff laughed it off and said that cleaning was just part of their job.

The curiousity of such a large and colourful place is probably more exciting than the food. I thought it was ok if you’re looking for a cheap solution that accommodates a lot of people. I would be mortified if I was taken there on purpose and along with La Riva, it is on my list of places to never propose marriage.

Try it or don’t try it. It won’t make much difference to your life either way.

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