Our Saturday

I was going to write about our Saturday out in Clifton where we met up with our friends Matt and Ella, then ran into Jess and the lovely Molly. We greeted Kate at Lahloo Pantry and then saw M’s daddy.

Matt and Mersina and I enjoyed walking around Clifton for ages. We stood on graves and he didn’t take pictures of bats but the sun streamed through the trees and that worked out just fine.

Cuddles and macaroons were exchanged with M’s daddy and then Bristol Rovers lost. That about sums it up for our Saturday. It included a couple more things but nothing too memorable. I was going to write about that but then remembered last Saturday when Mersina wore her new dress but without the stockings because I couldn’t find them.

Last Saturday was still 2011 and there was champagne and fireworks and a whole day left before I filmed her taking her first proper set of steps.

That was also our Saturday. Happy new year.

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