A weekend in Bristol

Around Bristol, including at home, we found bits and pieces of interesting things.

On Whiteladies Road we found our lunch of chicken and chorizo kebab at the Ruby & White (named after the cattle breeds Devon Ruby Red and British White) butchers. The Guardian said the following about them

Inside, the shop is expensively kitted out with slate, oak, open brickwork and glass with a kitchen at the back worthy of a luxury showhome. Cheery butchers behind the counter work on their cuts facing the customers. They create fresh marinades with refreshing ingredients such as lemongrass and chilli. An upstairs area sells cheese and wine, while the basement houses a vast glass-fronted temperature-controlled ageing room where beef is matured for up to 45 days.

We talked to the manager who used to be at Trethowans Dairy and he told us about their new range of bread from the Thoughtful Bread Company where bread is a labour of love so we bought a large white sourdough.

On Friday we bought new shoes which sparkle with every step and had a long day which ended with Mersina shaking pretzels about and falling asleep close to 11pm. Our schedule is now all over the place.

On Sunday we had breakfast at Bordeaux Quay on the Bordeaux Quay and then went by the Watershed where we picked up some leaflets.

We are now looking forward to a chocolate festival during the Easter weekend at the Cascade Steps. The IMDB are hosting a script writing competition as part of the Bath Film Festival and the Royal West of England Academy have their spring exhibition on. Their other exhibitions include Selling Dreams One Hundred Years of Fashion photography and the Penguin Parade Celebrating the Penguin Books Archive.

We didnt stop in but kids eat free at the Goldbrick House on Park Street so that looks promising for a future visit alongside the as still unopen Bravas supper club on Cotham Hill.

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