Mayfest is a little mind boggling and a lot amazing. A range of shows performed in various formats which will probably, nay undoubtedly, surprise over 10 days.

There is Magna Mysteria, an interactive series of magical events, which will happen across the city and over time, culminating in a showdown on the final day at a location near the train station.

I couldn’t tell you what the Blind Tiger is about: “Welcome to our lair. Take a seat, order a drink and see what happens.” Pay what you can if you want to go and are over 14.

For Motor Vehicle Sundown, take a seat in the last motor vehicle left on earth. This is an audio piece for two in a parked car in the middle of a busy city. £5 at the Trenchard Street Car Park.

Or invite people to your house and let the Avon lady come calling. If only I had nine friends. The idea of this one leaves me tingling. £120 for up to 10 people to join the Avon Lady in your own living room for a party with a twist. Avoncalling,

This has been just a taste of what is available. There is plenty more.

Mayfest runs from 17 – 27 May., like @mayfestbristol on Facebook or follow @mayfestbristol on Twitter.

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