Bikini challenge

Do I, don’t I? I don’t know. I didn’t set out to lose weight or to firm up. I have instead gradually started paying attention to my food. I signed up to the Bristol 10k because I used to run and figured I could again and then tonight I found myself doing a workout from YouTube – something called Pop Pilates.

It was great and it hurt. It was the instructor from that who had just completed a bikini challenge and it inspired me.

So I’m thinking about it. Do I set out a bikini challenge to myself?

2 responses to “Bikini challenge”

  1. Sounds like a good idea! Why not try it? The worst will be you’re end up in almost-bikini shape (if you’re not that already) and then you just wear a bathing suit this summer. 🙂

    Personally, I should do a bathing suit challenge or be doomed to wear loose clothing all summer! Lost 8 pounds since March, nice, but not enough.

    Do you have the link to the YouTube workout?

    1. Excellent point, Judith. When you put it like that there is really nothing to lose. Thank you!

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