Summer holidays

Summer holidays

June 1 is not summer. Summer doesn’t happen until the 21st or 22nd and while it doesn’t annoy me that people get it wrong, I had a serious ‘Oh?’ moment when I found out that Australia had abolished the alignment with the natural world and the movement of the sun (solstice) and had set summer and winter to the 1st of the convenient months. How utterly sad.

There’s something quite beautiful about changing your perception in rhythm with the world. There’s a full moon eclipse on June 4 and the sun slips into Cancer on June 22. But that’s Australia for you. They are now in winter while the windows in our flat are constantly open because it is so warm inside even when it isn’t so warm out there.

When I was growing up, we used to go on summer holidays to the coast somewhere. For a while it was to Eden in New South Wales where we would set up a tent, have barbecues and go swimming in the beach off the campsite. As Mersina grows up, I hope she has some memories of summer vacations but they aren’t going to start this year. I can’t afford to go on holiday and I can’t even say I miss the idea much because it isn’t even in my line of thinking.

Our holidays are weekend travels to a park or something eventful outdoors. We go to visit her grandparents whether in London or Athens and soon we will be going more regularly to Explore AtBristol since we are now members.

I got thinking about holidays and the possibilities this morning as I was browsing a site about camping in Devon. I don’t have a car and I won’t carry a tent and a baby so perhaps holiday lodges in Devon at Woolacombe Bay? That even sounds Australian. We went to Warnambool one year and that was wonderful although my only memories of it are eating at a restaurant and driving by beaches.

I think I’ll just add the pictures to pinterest for the time being and then wait until I have a bit more money and take Mersina.

I wonder if redefining holidays as a play in the park is as bad as Australia defying the natural moments of heavenly bodies. Maybe just this one summer it won’t be so bad. We can start building memories from next year.

Our Bristol summer holidays at College Green

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  1. Although we always had a week away somewhere (usually camping but sometimes a holiday cottage) when I was growing up, my main memories of summer are of those long hot days at or near home with my sister or with friends. Or of long walks up mountains (my parents love those). So I don’t think Mersina will be “missing out” at all. And it’s certainly not worth going away if it’s stressful for you because that defeats the point!

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